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glbtfilm's Journal

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News, discussion, and opinions about queer film, be it the production, distribution, purchase, societal impacts, etc.

1. Feel free to post icons, wallpapers, pics, whatever, but *put images larger than 300x300 under a cut, and more than 4 icons under a cut*.
2. If your entry is lengthy, use a cut.
3. Be nice. Be good.

A list of trans film.
Queery.com: Queer TV guide.

Here's a little questionaire that can act as a sort of intro, should you fancy that sort of thing:
1. My favorite GLBT film is:
2. I like it because...:
3. I have seen about this many GLBT films:
4. I'd really like to see a GLBT film about:
5. I think this GLBT film has done the most socially and politically for the community (and why?):
6. I think this film is the most detrimental in it's portrayal of the community (and why?):

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