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After the L word

Just wanted to share becasue this may interest someone :) I started a Facebook group 'After the L word' to discuss & critique lesbian television shows & movies. It is sort of be like a non-book book club. Since the first episode on 'The L Word' I am been frustrated at how inaccurate a portrayal (I feel) it is of our community. I still watch the show and do enjoy it but I wish it had more depth. Now that the show is in it's final season I would love there to be another lesbian series that includes butch women, women of different socioeconomic backgrounds, children of lesbians that are more developed characters, parents of lesbians that are more developed and have relationships with their queer children, and better portrayed trans characters. So if you want to engage in critical discussion of the lesbian media that is out there, check it out!
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I gave up on the L word in the third season I think. And for exactly the same reasons you list. I'm straight but that doesn't mean I have much patience with stereotypes and soapy situations. I suppose I could've stuck with it if I had nothing else to do but as it was I just let it slide away.

I think there's absolutely a market for a well written lesbian (and/or gay) show. The American QaF didn't cut it either. Or Noah's Arc. The less said about the rest the better.